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Wednesday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Ruth Sebastian

You asked for it; you got it! Ruth Sebastian, the “renegade lawyer,” will be my guest. Listeners requested she come back for another interview because they had so many questions!

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live:

The Doctor is IN! And the best defense is…

John wrote: “I will purchase a copy of Making the Best of Basics, but not at this moment…I am in the midst of starting an emergency preparedness company, and have to sort through the knowledge base I already have accumulated before adding to it..If you have any other tips or advise beyond the book, I welcome your wisdom.”

Doctor Prepper responds: “I’ve really struggled for a response to your letter..I chose long ago to view emergency preparedness as…

Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Mixing it Healthy!

Tonight’s guest will be Teri Whisenhunt, Owner and CEO of Mixes from the Heartland. Her company manufactures gluten-free foods and products for the gluten-intolerant. She has healthy solutions for long-term food storage, too. Find out what makes her mixes so special. I think you will be quite impressed!

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Get growing! Let Jim Kennard show you how…

We were so delighted to have Master Gardener Jim Kennard on the Doctor Prepper Show last Wednesday. He ‘s traveled all over the world and across America teaching people the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening and saved thousands of lives in the process, especially in developing countries.

So are you ready to get growing? Let Jim Kennard show you how in this series of short articles on the Mittleider Method…

While the Storm Clouds Gather…

“While the storm clouds gather far across the sea, let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free. Let us all be grateful for a land so fair as we raise our voices in a ______ _______:”

How many of you know the last two words to this famous phrase? How many of you know the name of the song it introduces?

Can you name that tune? Here’s a BIG hint…

Friday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Matt Jarvis, Prepper Podcaster Extraordinaire!

The prepper pot will be extra-spicy Friday night as two well-seasoned preppercorns get together for a lively exchange on Doctor Prepper Radio. But don’t worry: they won’t leave you in a stew!

Join the fun this Friday at 7PM as Doctor Prepper interviews Matt Jarvis, president of the American Preppers Network.

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live:

Wednesday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Abundant Gardening with Jim Kennard

How would you like to make your soil, no matter how poor it is, produce near-perfect plants and flowers in budget-balancing abundance? You’re invited to tune in to this very special show featuring Jim Kennard, president and founder of the Food For Everyone Foundation, who has saved the lives of thousands of people throughout the world by teaching them the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Doctor Prepper’s Weekly Prepper-Upper #14

How important is health to a prepper? “In health there is freedom.
Health is the first of all liberties.” — Henri Frederic Amiel

This issue looks at prepping as it relates to your health–with a little fun mixed in of course!

The Doctor is IN! I’m about to expire…

Dan wrote: “…after reading the shelf life of canned foods chart I stocked up on canned food staples like peas, corn, hominy and carrots. Most have expiration dates of 2013 -2014 but I’m figuring I’ll get maybe 7 or 8 years.

You claim they’re good [beyond their expiration date] in your book if stored in a temperature of about 70 [degrees].Thing is you’re about the only person claiming these store bought canned food items can last anywhere near that long. Are you still standing by your original claims?”

Doctor Prepper responds…

The Doctor is IN! To treat, or not to treat?

To treat, or not to treat: that is the question…

“I recently had new gutters placed around my house to handle the rain water. I purchased four 80-gallon water barrels and diverters so I can have water available for drinking or watering the garden. I have a Berkey unit which has a 7 log filter. Will I need to treat the water with Clorox before filtering it through the Berkey?”

Doctor Prepper answers: “If you have the resources available, always…”

The Show Goes On…under a new name!

Keep those letters coming! This one from David gave us a wake-up call: “Your itunes podcast feed seems to be down no new episodes since 2/18/2010…” (Oops!)

Be of good cheer! The show goes on under James Talmage Steven’s new brand name of “Doctor Prepper.” We’ve just created a new feed where you can subscribe to Doctor Prepper’s podcasts in itunes or any popular media reader.

The Doctor is IN! The Most-Asked Question of All …

How many of you are concerned about being prepared but are financially unable to purchase the resources you need? Doctor Prepper has the prescription…are you ready to take the medicine?

The Doctor (Prepper) is IN!

Got a question, a really hard question, about preparedness? We’re pleased to announce that the Doctor is IN — and ready to take all comers. No insurance necessary!

Doctor Prepper’s Weekly Prepper-Upper #13

How committed are you to prepping? Are you just “chicken in” or going “whole-hog?” In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is totally committed!

DestinySurvival Featured Today on Doctor Prepper Radio

Today’s the day I [John Wesley Smith] will be a guest on James Talmage Stevens’ Blog Talk Radio program. It’s this afternoon, March 13th at 1:00 Central Time. You’re invited to listen in!

Doctor Prepper Interviewed on TruthBeTold Radio

..and what an interview it was! If you haven’t heard it yet, you need to! Why? Because James did this interview for YOU. Let me share just a little of it to give you a taste of what you’re in for…

Is Your Family Prepared?

Is your family’s preparedness plan in place? We’ve already seen a most unusual winter in the mid-central and northeastern US. and two major earthquakes within the last month. There will likely be many additional emergencies and disasters during months to come. Are you ready should one of these come into your life? Take this 30-second test to find out!

Are You Being Reasonable about Your Preparedness Efforts?

A preparedness lifestyle begins with a reasonable investment in an expanded, normal diet food supply—not a 3-day kit! It is more important to be prepared for the long trip than the short excursion. The reason…