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One Way Out: An Invitation to America

Tired of all the doom and gloom? Here is an uplifting message for those who love freedom and are concerned about America’s future. There IS a way out. There IS a solution, but the solution is not political and it is not economic. The solution is spiritual. You are invited to view this 4-minute video and consider the truths within.

Free Webinar: Technology for Personal Preparedness

In this webinar Mike Geertsen of Depiction, Inc. will examine some of the many ways technology can be used by individuals in their disaster preparation, with a special focus on Depiction mapping and simulation software. All webinar attendees will also receive a free copy of Mike’s eBook “Technology for Personal and Family Preparedness.” Get the details…

Spilling the Beans on the Gulf Oil Spill

Who is holding the Gulf oil spill recovery hostage, and why? This just-released report, written by a concerned citizen whistle-blower with inside knowledge, explains in detail why this oil spill, which has turned out to be the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history, didn’t have to turn out that way, and is not being cleaned up when there are relatively simple, inexpensive, and thoroughly proven methods by which it could be.

Keeping it Simple: Easy Homemade Mayonnaise

Maria wrote: “I heard you mention on a recent podcast how easy it is to make mayonnaise from scratch. Any chance you could give out the recipe? I eat alot of mayo and would love a good homemade recipe. Thanks.”

For all you mayo lovers out there, here is Doctor Prepper’s secret recipe….

The Doctor is IN! Too Old to Prepare-or Care?

AS we get older, we recognize more fully that there are some situations through which we’d prefer not to continue living. Is there some age at which preparedness becomes irrelevant? Doctor Prepper shares his views…

Emergency Preparedness: Build your own backup solar generator!

Did you know that you can put together a simple, portable solar “generator” for charging small batteries, electronics, or directly powering lights and small appliances for under $500 with a bare minimum of technical know-how? Our newest guest contributor, Dustin Hollis, shares what he’s learned that works in this excerpt from his forthcoming book, “Tactics for Tough Times.”