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About Preparedness: Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Did you see the economic downturn in this nation coming before it happened? Or did you react with surprise and fear after it happened?

Did you prepare your family in advance for the possibility that some local, national, or worldwide situation could cause you personal hardship, such as the loss of your home or job? Or did you think it couldn’t happen to you, and react with shock when it did?

The mantra, “If you are prepared, you need not fear,” puts the concept of preparedness in perspective. As has been said many times, “Better much too soon than a little late!”

Preparedness is about being proactive. It’s “…a state of readiness; …a state of being prepared or put into a proper condition of readiness BEFORE an approaching event, or something expected, even thought possible, or unexpected; and … to put things or oneself in readiness.”

Doctor Prepper’s personal mission is to save lives by helping people like you become prepared in advance of need. Why does it matter? Well, where would you rather live: in the State of Readiness or in Scare City? That’s the difference between being proactive and reactive about preparedness.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!
It’s as simple as that!