Adam Taggart talks with Doctor Prepper­™

Adam Taggart, President & Co-founder at Peak Prosperity, is the author of Finding Your Way To Your Authentic Career. He wrote his book after organizing, creating, and detailing the essential guidelines for career change and implementing his own metamorphosis from corporate marketing genius to entrepreneurial guru. He shares those ideas and guidelines during this interview with Doctor Prepper. Many jobs and lives will change during the uncertain future—and yours could be one of them!

After earning his MBA from Stanford, he commenced his Silicon Valley career with top echelon executive experience that spanned 17+ years in the Consumer Internet, Mobile and Telecom industries––-built on solid grounding in finance & economics. His specialty was bringing technological advances to market solutions at that enriched the lives of millions of people around the world.

Adam saw the future effects of the untenable nature of the economies practiced by nations, and made the spiritual decision to join an emerging start-up, partnering with one of the greatest minds in the econoblogging discipline, Chris Martenson ( With his professional skill set & personal interests, Adam eventually become a co-founder and President of Peak Prosperity, where he now runs all aspects of one of the world’s most popular resources for understanding the future of the economy.


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