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Are You Being Reasonable about Your Preparedness Efforts?

Welcome back to Doctor Preppers Journal!

I’m going to Keep it Super Simple!

A preparedness lifestyle begins with a reasonable investment in an expanded, normal diet food supply—not a 3-day kit! It is more important to be prepared for the long trip than the short excursion. The reason: the long trip includes whatever is required for the shorter one!

Everybody eats! Whoever controls your food supply will control your life! Food is power! If you don’t believe me, ask the rat in the maze!

So now, while you have economic power, get food! Store what you like to eat. You can then eat what you’ve stored. That’s the most effective rotation system–an easy and sure method.

Learn to think like a survivalist: get back to the pantry—and look forward to the future!

Some reasons for being properly prepared with an enlarged food supply stored in your in-home convenience store:

  1. Food prices historically rise over time by 4% – 20% increase annually––money invested in food generally is a profitable investment.
  2. Persons who have a supply of food can choose to shop when prices are lower.
  3. Basics or commodities can be purchased in bulk at lower prices.
  4. Basics or commodities can be stored more easily.
  5. Personal health is more likely when non-processed foods are utilized.
  6. Prepared persons are more capable of offering assistance to others.
  7. Prepared persons have less stress and normally sleep more soundly and worry less.
  8. You determine your level of comfort and maintain it.
  9. If you are prepared, and you don’t need it––you’re ahead of the economy!
  10. Overstock of foods is a problem you can eat your way out of.
  11. If you are properly prepared, most of life’s unexpected problems will be resolved by your planned and executed reserves and efforts.
  12. For those few problems that aren’t resolved by your in-home preparedness, you can flee with your bug-out bag firmly in tow.
  13. You can camp out within the walls of your home.
  14. Your home will be a safer place than any alternative.
  15. If you have food to spare, you will be able to trade your surplus food for the gold of the unwise investors.

If you study the social, economic, financial, and world issues and don’t see the need to be prepared, then you’ll be required to accept the consequences of ignoring indicators of growing uncertainty––and I’m not just talking about natural disasters!

It’s as simple as that!

Till next time…

James Talmage Stevens

Author:  Making the Best of Basics–Family Preparedness Handbook


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