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Using Violence to Stop Violence

Our friend, Chris Ray, wrote a great article touching on points of self-defense and psychological preparation. He references On …

Peak Prosperity

Reality Does Not Have an Ideology

The following post is used with permission of our friends at It was written by James Howard Kunstler, …

Beyond Off-Grid: Michael Bunker

Michael Bunker, best-selling author and historian, is featured in what looks like a fascinating and well-done documentary called Beyond …

Interview with Author Michael Bunker

Michael Bunker, a best-selling “indie” author is introducing his latest book, The WICK Omnibus, on Saturday August 10, 2013 …

Interview with Chris Martenson

Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson is a father of three, author, financial observer, trained as a scientist, and experienced businessman, …

Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers

This week, learn from Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers- Scott is The Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers consultant, that rates …

FerroCement Geodesic Domes

David Nash of the Shepherd School joins John Wesley Smith again to talk more about Ferrocement geodesic domes and …

Wardee’s Favorite Recipes

In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, get a peek at our favorite recipes, seasonal foods and …

Get Real-Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft

Join Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Living on the Get Real – Get Prepared radio show as she welcomes friend, author, radio show hostess Donna Miller. Donna MIller is well-known for Millers Grain House, Prepare magazine, Your Preparation Station, Surviving on Shoestrings and Encouragement in the Kitchen radio shows. Tune in to hear what exciting things are happening and connect with Donna!

Get Real Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft | Donna Miller | Prepper | Preparedness | Prepare Magazine

The Shepherd School – May 31,2013

In todays Shepherd School episode, David interviews Scott Hunt (a.k.a. Engineer775) Founder of Practical Preppers. Scott is one of my favorite You-Tubers, but he is much more than that. He has a masters degree in mechanical engineering, and over a decade of experience in cattle operations as well as well as all manner of infrastructure creation geared toward sustainable living and disaster preparedness.In this episode Scott and I talk about water, and why the traditional 1 gallon per person per day is nowhere near enough, how to get water, why skills are every bit as important as stuff, his new practical prepper pharmacy interest, and, something that was a great treat for me – he talks about gasification, something that I have a real interest in.I highly encourage you to visit both his YouTube channel at, as well as his website Additionally you can always visit the Shepherd School site at to see the latest DIY and prepper related information.-David NashOwner of the Shepherd School and author of Understanding the Use of Handguns and the upcoming 52 Projects for a Self Reliant Life

the shepherd school | scott hunt | prepper | preparedness | survival

Destiny Survival Radio – May 30,2013

This week John visits with Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel. Shes a registerednurse and former college instructor in nursing and othermedical-related topics. Theyll talk about her book RationalPreparedness. Find out why this short, but information-packed bookshould be in your survival library.Survival Gear & Suppliesfor Emergency Preparedness& Hard Times

Destiny Survival Radio | john wesley smith | prepper | preparedness | survival

Doom and Bloom Hour – May 30,2013

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss tornados and some new changes on Our guest is Tom Sciacca, owner and founder of Tom has been camping most of his life and will share some excellent tips for making camping a fun family experience, and also why it is a great way to learn preparedness skills! Guest website for survival and camping supplies and equipment: Guest Blog website:

doom and bloom hour | prepper | doctor bones | nurse amy | camping survival

The Shepherd School – May 14,2013

Rabbits are a prepper meat source that should not be overlooked, they are simple to raise, have a high meat to feed ratio, and are a very healthy white meat. As an “urban homesteader”, David has kept rabbits in backyard hutches for several years, and is very thankful for the meat his rabbits provide. His rabbit videos on his YouTube channel, are some of his most popular videos, with the video on how to bottle feed baby rabbits being extremely popular with animal activists, and his butchering and dispatching videos drawing their extreme ire. If you are looking for a cheap, sustainable, and possibly covert means of producing your own meat in small areas, then you should consider rabbit. Besides this podcast, here are links to a few of Davids rabbit videos on YouTube. Bottle Feeding Baby Rabbits Neck Wringer Butchering Rabbit Manure Methane Experiment

The Shepherd School | David Nash | rabbits | preparedness | prepper

Know Your Food with Wardee – May 13,2013

KYF #031: Nourished Baby In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, Im joined by guest and friend Heather Dessinger, The Mommypotamus and author of “Nourished Baby” and “DIY Organic Beauty Recipes”. Were talking about the oh-so-important topics of nourishing mama and baby during pregnancy, birth, and babys first years — pregnancy diet, nursing diet, what to do when mom cant breastfeed, babys first foods, preventing and reversing tooth decay, and more! Get a coupon for 20% off Heathers book and visit the show notes here:

Know Your Food with Wardee | Wardeh Harmon | food | cooking | preparedness

Preparing Business for Business – May 13,2013

Business Preparing for Business invites you to join us this week as welook at the stock market, housing and consumer confidence and Obamacare,as it relates to opening a new business, deciding to close your businessor expand, we will look a key indicators you need to analyze for the bestdecision and the impact these key issues will have on your business.

Preparing Business for Business | marcia hawkins | kyle clouse | business | marketing

21st Century Homekeeper – May 12,2013

Do you have a disability that changes the way you live from day to day? Are you concerned about the future an d what to do if you suddenly had no electricity or water? Vickilynn Haycraft joins host Sylvia Britton to discuss Prepping With Disabilities; how she preps with a disability, ideas for what to store, what to plan for, how to bug-in how to bug-out, lots of encouragement and resources. The Christian Homekeeper Network The 21st Century Homekeeper Radio Program

21st Century Homekeeper | Vickilynn Haycraft | sylvia britton | disabilities | health

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