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The Doctor is IN! How to rotate storage water?

Al wrote:

I regularly store about 150 gallons of water in 50-gallon barrels. Is there any easy way to rotate this water? I do not have floor drains in my house so I have to pump the contents into 5 gallon buckets and put them into an up pump to go to the drain field. I once saw a product that hooked up to your 50 gallon drums and it allowed you to hook them up in series and replace the old water with new!! Do you have any suggestions that can relieve me of that yearly task??
Thanks for your help!

Doctor Prepper responds:

Why do you store 150 gal. of water in your house? Is it a cold-weather problem? Water properly stored in clean containers will remain treatable for a long time. Though it may go “flat,” that flat water condition is easily remedied by pouring water from one container to another.

You can connect the water barrels in series with your water supply—if the barrels, fittings, and connector hoses are capable of holding the water pressure. Otherwise, you have a much more serious problem than carrying a few 5-gal. buckets!

Some of the preparedness dealers probably carry a conversion kit, or go to your local hardware store, explain the problem, and they’ll have a workable solution.

Be sure your containers can handle the water pressure—otherwise, other solutions must be considered. Can you put the barrels in your garage? Or outdoors? Can you build a platform? Elevating the barrels, tapping and installing a hose or bibb faucet near the bottom of the barrels would resolve your drainage problem.

This will get your imagination in gear—without more information, that’s about all I can suggest. The more detail, the easier the solution!

Hope this information gets you further down the road to self-reliance.

Doctor Prepper