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Doctor Prepper Interviewed on TruthBeTold Radio

…and what an interview it was!

If you haven’t heard it yet,  you need to!


Because James did this interview for YOU.

Let me share just a little of it to give you a taste of what you’re in for:

James said:  “We go around criticizing people because they want to be prepared or they want to be, as they call themselves, survivalists–they don’t call themselves that–we call them that. We’re ALL “preppers;” we’re all preparing. People say, “I don’t prepare. I’m not a survivalist.” But, if you didn’t commit suicide today you MUST be a survivalist because you lived through it. That’s pretty basic. If you didn’t die today, you’re a survivalist.  So don’t go putting down the guys who just take it a little step further, who are a little more passionate, and want some rights. This is America. They have a right to do that. You have a right to put them down but they have a right to stand up for their rights.

“The other thing is, that we are all “preppers.” If someone says, “I’m not a prepper” I ask, “Do you have insurance on your car?” “Uh huh.” “Do you have insurance on your family?” “Well, sure!” “Do you have health insurance?” “Well, yes.” “Do you have life insurance?” “Of course!” “and, “Do you have a plan for putting your kids through college?” “Yes.” “Well–that’s the definition of a prepper! You’re preparing for the future!” And they look at you like deer in the headlights, because they didn’t think of it in those terms.

“See, we are a lot of the things we don’t think we are because we don’t think about it, and all I’m trying to urge people to do as an individual is save lives. My whole mission in life is to save lives. I wrote a book to help people be able to do that. I made one mistake: I didn’t print the book on rice paper using vitaminized ink. At least they could have had their last meal on me.”

Good grief! This guy (James) is funny as well as informative. 🙂

Go here to listen to the full interview: