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Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Barbara Salsbury

Tonight’s guest is bestselling author Barbara Salsbury, one of America’s premier preparedness and self-reliance experts. She has developed an innovative solution to two of the most pressing problems people face in trying to store food: lack of space and lack of money.

If the idea of “home food storage” gives you visions of dank, dark closets or rooms crammed with bags and/or buckets of grains and beans, etc, that just sit there instead of being incorporated into everyday meals, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there IS a better way to do this!

Barbara has decided it is time for a makeover! A makeover that will redefine and transform the image and usability of “home storage foods.” The makeover that she has given these traditional foods transcends the musty, outdated image of foods stored “forever” until all taste or desire to eat them is long gone.

Tonight Barbara will introduce a new updated and restructured approach which takes “food storage foods” out of their traditional wrapper and transforms them into SOLUTIONS that people with limited space and budgets will want and need. You’ll discover how easily these “Solutions” work for students, singles, parents, grandparents, your pantry and more!

This is a first—a new line of products announced on the Doctor Prepper talk show!

Are you ready for a food storage “makeover?” Don’t miss this show!

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live: