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Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Cutting-Edge Technology for Preppers

We’ve got a “cutting edge” show guest for you tonight!

Former Microsoft manager and current entrepreneur Mike Geertsen, through his start-up company Depiction, Inc. has created a cutting-edge software application that can be an amazing tool in any prepper’s virtual toolbox. Mike will explain the origins of the Depiction product from his experiences in the Microsoft simulation group, and describe the features of this new technology that now allows any of us to quickly “depict” the potential impact of disasters on our neighborhoods.

What is Depiction?

  • Depiction is mapping and simulation software currently being used by professional disaster planners and emergency managers across the country, but built to be affordable and useful for everyday people. Depiction enables you to bring together publicly available data and your own knowledge of your surroundings to create interactive scenarios, or ‘depictions’ that help you prepare.

Things you can do with Depiction:

  • Map resources in your home and neighborhood—where are your first aid kits, and are they fully stocked? Who are your vulnerable neighbors?
  • contingency plans for your family-what’s the best route between home and work if an earthquake destroys all the bridges? Where do we meet if we can’t all get home?
  • Play ‘what -if?’ with the hazards in your area-what if the river rises 8 feet, or 12? What if there’s an explosion at the chemical plant in town?

When a disaster does happen, all your plans and maps are still there, even if the Internet is unavailable-depictions are stored on your desktop, not online. Then, Depiction can serve as your personal tactical display, helping you get the big picture as events unfold.

Listeners to tonight’s Doctor Prepper Show will also find out how they can save 25% on Depiction, and get the Depiction Preparedness Add-on free. Don’t miss it!

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live: