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Friday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips will be my guest on the Doctor Prepper Show Friday night. Jim is one of America’s foremost authorities in family preparedness, personal disaster response, and winter industrial safety training. He has been extensively engaged in outdoor living, winter camping, and arctic living for more than 45 years. With a broad technical background he has developed unique principles, methods, and equipment which have been tested and proven over the years. Paramount is Jim’s understanding of how and why things work.

He offers a unique series of preparedness, safety, and survival courses for individuals and families. This series of classes covers a spectrum of topics and issues designed to leave the student knowing that it is possible to “Make It No Matter What.”

Jim’s courses teach you how to:

  • Learn practical preparedness principles that help you develop attitudes and resilience for self-reliance and survival no matter what the odds might seem
  • Be ready to meet the future without fear through proper and balanced preparation.
  • Develop the capacity to live outside at temperatures below zero without the necessity for fire or shelter
  • Understand the formulas for well-being and success that make it possible to achieve any positive thing you want
  • Learn the details of food, water, sanitation, heat, light, fuels, long-term survival and much more

Jim’s courses are principle-based. Students are taught what their true NEEDS and PRIORITIES are and HOW and WHY things really work. They help people develop powerful attitudes and beliefs that drive correct actions leading to Survival, Safety, Satisfaction and Success, with the result being WELL-BEING no matter what circumstances the individual might face.

His philosophy is: “When you are prepared for the worst, everything is an adventure.”

Don’t miss this show! Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live: