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The Show Goes On…under a new name!

Keep those letters coming! This one from David gave us a wake-up call:



Your itunes podcast feed seems to be down no new episodes since 2/18/2010. I hope u are still doing the show i really enjoy it. I also don’t see a way to subscribe to you podcast on your new website.

Hope u are doing well.
David from Florida

Hi David:

Thanks for the reminder! (Oops!)

The itunes podcast feed you were using was discontinued, but be of good cheer!

The show goes on under James Talmage Steven’s new brand name of “Doctor Prepper.” How’s that for an instant image makeover?

We’ve just created a new feed where you can subscribe to all of Doctor Prepper’s podcasts in itunes or any popular media reader.

Go to and click where it says Subscribe to Doctor Prepper’s Radio podcasts!. You’ll then see Doctor Prepper’s podcast page where you can choose your favorite podcatcher (such as itunes) from the list on the right. Click the one you want and…voila! You’re done!

To listen to the shows you missed, just scroll down the podcast page, select the episode(s) you want, and download away.



It's as simple as that!