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Is Being Prepared Worth the Price?

Think about the price of something valuable you’ve acquired. Has it increased in value over time? In considering the personal value to you of being prepared it helps to weigh the cost and effort required of you to do it against the cost and effort required for other choices you could make in life, and then weigh the benefits.

The price you pay to become prepared includes:

  • Pondering––you’re making a commitment, think it over seriously!
  • Planning––it won’t just happen!
  • Prudence––most people have limited resources.
  • Practicality––it has to be practical for YOU to do, which means making wise choices!

The benefits being prepared brings to you and your family include:

  • Providence––Heaven smiles on the prudent and the obedient.
  • Prosperity––YOU are in charge if you aren’t required to beg for food!
  • Peace of mind––you know you’ve done all that is prudent and practical to preserve your family.
  • Perspective––you gain new insight and wisdom about yourself, your family, and your environment.

You’ll need to re-forge yourself; break out of the urban mold; study, learn, practice, and work at becoming competent at new abilities until you are comfortable with your new self.

There is no easy road to being prepared—it requires work—lots of meaningful effort in self-education and quite often, some self-denial. But consider this: how does the price of being prepared compare to the price of not being in control of your life and not being able to create your own lifestyle and maintain it regardless of what’s going on in the world outside your home? That’s a determination only you can make.

More on this subject to follow…