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Is Doctor Prepper’s Book in Your Local Library?

This guest post is by John Wesley Smith of

If your local library doesn’t yet have a copy of Making the Best of Basics, there’s now a way to make that possible. It helps both your library and your community. Your library gets a big discount when ordering the book. Plus, they can help library patrons get a discount when they get their own copies.

A little while back Doctor Prepper interviewed Rebecca J. Ensign of Gold Leaf Press on his Doctor Prepper Show. Gold Leaf Press is an independent publishing company who wants to help promote Doctor Prepper’s preparedness message nation wide.

Ms. Ensign has made a special arrangement with Doctor Prepper to make his book available through libraries and nonprofit organizations. Thanks to this exclusive and innovative discount and incentive program, such organizations can earn donations while enabling patrons or members in local communities to get better educated and prepared.

When your library uses a LOA code to order Doctor Prepper’s book, they receive a 25% single copy discount on each copy they order. They also get complimentary Preparedness e-books and materials, which they’re free to download, print and circulate.

The library also gets good P.R. from participating because they’ll receive a poster to display publicly. And a press release is sent to the local newspaper announcing how the library is helping your community to become better prepared for any type of disaster/emergency.

Your library also becomes eligible for a donation from the Gold Leaf Press Get Ready! Network. We all know how much libraries need funds these days, so this is a win-win situation.

But that’s not all. There’s also a 20% patron discount which patrons can use when they buy their own copies of Making the Best of Basics. All a library patron needs to do to get the discount is use the library’s LOA code.

The only thing your library needs to do to become involved is to order at least one copy of Making the Best of Basics, now in its 12th edition. Your librarian can order online or contact Gold Leaf Press to make the necessary arrangements.

The web site with all the details is at

Pass the word about this great opportunity to your local librarian or other nonprofit organization. Help both your library and fellow community members to discover today what it really means to get prepared!