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Is Your Family Prepared?

Welcome back to Doctor Preppers Journal!

I’m going to Keep it Super Simple!

Is your family’s preparedness plan in place?

We’ve already seen a most unusual winter in the mid-central and northeastern US.

Oh, yeah, did I fail to mention the 2 major earthquakes within the last month? There will be many additional emergencies and disasters during the winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons to come.

Are you ready for the natural, people-caused, and those nasty personal emergencies and disasters that could likely occur in your life?


Take this 30-second test to find out!

  • Do you know to which natural, people-caused, or personal disasters your family is potentially vulnerable?
  • Have you planned how to eliminate or minimize the impact of these potential disasters on your family?
  • If you needed to evacuate your home right now, do you know where you would go for shelter? 
  • If you were required to get away from potential harm immediately, do you know how much gasoline is in your vehicle’s gas tank at this moment?
  • If electricity were unavailable for an extended period, do you know how you would protect and cook your food, and provide heat and light?
  • If normal distribution of food to the grocery stores were curtailed, do you know what sources of food would be available to you?
  • Do you have at least a month’s supply of food in your home or in a safe place where you have control of it?
  • Would your typical lifestyle be altered if your normal source of income were interrupted for 2 weeks…or longer?
  • Do you have a year of house payments and/or some other financial reserves?
  • If someone in your family were injured and medical help were not readily available, do you know what medical resources would be available?

If you answered No! to any of these questions, then you need to reconsider your level of self-reliance!

If you answered Yes! to these questions, GREAT!

Now, go ask your neighbors if they’re prepared––if not, you may be their support after a disaster strikes!…

Preparedness…it’s what the smart people do!


It’s as simple as that!

Till next time…

James Talmage Stevens

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