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Wednesday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Abundant Gardening with Jim Kennard

How would you like to make your soil, no matter how poor it is, produce near-perfect plants and flowers in budget-balancing abundance? Jim Kennard has perfected a technique known as the Mittleider Method that is successfully being used to help people throughout North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and the Pacific Islands to increase food production and become more self-reliant in the most efficient, scientific, non-polluting and ecologically sensitive way.

A protégé of Dr. Jacob Mittleider, the world-renowned Master Gardener, Jim Kennard is the owner of his books and the heir to a wealth of experience, knowledge, and records of perhaps the most well-known gardening expert in the last few decades.

You’re invited to tune in to this very special show on Doctor Prepper Radio this Wednesday evening, March 24th at 7PM CT. This is one you won’t want to miss!