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Get growing! Let Jim Kennard show you how…

We were so delighted to have Master Gardener Jim Kennard on the Doctor Prepper Show last Wednesday. He ‘s traveled all over the world and across America teaching people the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening and saved thousands of lives in the process, especially in developing countries.

So are you ready to get growing? Let Jim Kennard show you how in this series of short articles on the Mittleider Method:

Sustainable Gardening – An Overview

Sustainable Gardening – Deciding What to Plant

Sustainable Gardening – Disease Prevention and Control

Sustainable Gardening – Growing a Market Garden

Sustainable Gardening – Growing and Transplanting Healthy Seedlings

Sustainable Gardening – Let’s Talk Tomatoes!

Sustainable Gardening – Make It A Victory Garden!

Sustainable Gardening – Making Soil Beds

Sustainable Gardening – Organic or Chemical – Which is Best?

Sustainable Gardening – Plant Food

Sustainable Gardening – Soil Amendments and Mineral Nutrients

Sustainable Gardening – Starting Seeds

Sustainable Gardening – The Basics

Sustainable Gardening – Watering Without Waste

Sustainable Gardening – Weed Control

Sustainable Gardening – A “Growing” Epidemic

These will give you just a taste of what Jim Kennard has to offer you at

But wait! There’s more! From now through April 6th Jim is offering a 15% discount on all of the Mittleider gardening books just for those of you who read this blog and/or listen to the Doctor Prepper Show. Just send email him when you place your order letting him know you’re a “Doctor Prepper” fan and he’ll apply the discount.

It’s as simple as that!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful improvements in both the website and the sound quality of the podcasts. You have so much to share and show and I appreciate all of the guests you are bringing to us and your time and wisdom. Thank you!

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