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Keeping it Simple: Easy Homemade Mayonnaise

Maria wrote:

I heard you mention on a recent podcast how easy it is to make mayonnaise from scratch. Any chance you could give out the recipe? I eat alot of mayo and would love a good homemade recipe. Thanks.

Doctor Prepper Responds:

Maria: this is your lucky day! I was able to find it easily–we both got lucky! I love homemade mayo–especially when crumbled bleu cheese is added!

The recipe I learned from my mother for homemade mayonnaise is fairly simple:

Take 1-1/2 T. (tablespoon) lemon juice (strained)
1 t. (teaspoon) Dijon-style mustard
1/2 t. salt
1 egg
1 C. (cup) olive oil (Extra Virgin Oilive Oil, of course!)

Put lemon juice, mustard, salt, and egg into an electric blender, with 1/3 C. of the olive oil.

Cover and blend at low speed for 30 seconds.

Remove cover (or center section of top), turn blender to high speed and slowly add remainder of oil without interruption.

Blend till smooth. If it is too hot or too humid in the kitchen, it may not firm up.

Yield: 1-1/2 C.

Bon appetit!

Doctor Prepper