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All-New Edition of “Basics” Released to Public

An all-new and updated version of the all-time best-selling preparedness classic Making the Best of Basics has just been released to the public. Written for people who want to prepare themselves and their families for the uncertain future, the book has been re-published to meet the needs of 21st century preppers after being out of print for more than 10 years.

The content has been more than doubled, with the new edition (11th editon, 26th printing) containing more than 500 pages of preparedness information. Previous editions have sold more than 760,000 copies, and sales of the new edition are expected to greatly exceed those of the original (1st) edition.

The author, James Talmage Stevens (also known as “Doctor Prepper”) hosts an award-winning Blog Talk Radio show and a busy blogsite. Known and respected as a well-seasoned prepper, James has been active in the preparedness marketplace for over 36 years.

Those interested in ordering a copy online are invited to visit the author’s official website, to place book orders.

Those wishing to buy books for groups, organizations, or classes can order case lots of 10 books per case at a substantial discount by going to sending a request to, and listen to shows all week long on Blog Talk Radio: