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The Doctor is In! Organic Panic, Seed Buying Scams and the Formula for Value

Liz wrote:

Oh man,
I just plunked down $xxx dollars for two family pack seed banks from […] and I’m second guessing myself. I do not see them recommended on your website. Furthermore, I found out that the seeds are NOT certified organic, which makes me a little suspicious because the company uses the word “organic” so much in their descriptions. Whadaya think, Dr.?

Doctor Prepper responds:


I’m not sure from your description from whom you bought the seeds, so what I say will be generic; i.e., not directed at any specific dealer or distributor, but just some words of advice from my own experience. Seed prices are all over the ballpark–some are truly inexpensive and some are really expensive. It’s so easy for a seller’s talented artist to utilize words and graphics to excite he mind of the buyer! Colors, layout, words, and pictures can incite you to action and excite you to make a decision–when perhaps more investigation is needed.

But you know all that! The best thing about the Internet is its wide-ranging search ability–and we all ought to use it more. Comparison shopping is the key to value–not price. There are 3 parts to any consumer buying decision (in my opinion!):

  1. Quality
  2. Price
  3. Delivery

That is the formula for value. Quality is the main qualifier for my buying decision–will it do what I want to do with it and how badly do I need it to accomplish my greater goals? Then it’s price–can I afford it at this time and where is it in my hierarchy of needs? Then, when will I get it into my possession? That’s a lot to deal with on items about which you have little experience in a particular field or for a particular item.

Before you spend that much money, you should spend hours comparison shopping–noting what a specific sum of money will provide, and what you get for your investment–seed-by-seed or item-by-item comparing like items until you have the knowledge to make a good buying decision Then the remorse and or second-guessing goes away.

If a company has mis-represented their product, you should take recourse against them and get your money back. If they don’t treat you fairly, there are solutions for that, too.

I hope you can decide the appropriate thing to do to resolve this situation for your peace of mind.

Doctor Prepper