Preparedness / Self-Reliance, The Doctor is IN!

The Doctor is IN! The Most-Asked Question of All …

This question comes from Beth in SC:

We are very concerned about being prepared, but find ourselves (like many others in the country) financially unable to purchase the resources we would like to.

Do you have any advice on things we could do right now in this cash-poor time to become more prepared?

Thank you so much for your time!


Bless your heart—you discovered the most-asked question of all!

Here’s my prescription for your problem:

Stop! and ask yourself, “What can I give up that I don’t need?” (That is, of course, exclusive of not eating.)

Reduce your overhead! Some people give up smokes, beer/wine/liquor, bar scenes/dating, movies, cable/satellite TV, cell phones, 2nd cars, expensive cars/truck/boats/planes, new clothes/shoes (hang onto new underwear!), any new debt—getting the drift?

You’re probably not liking me very much at this point! Shop for bargains, use coupons, learn new skills, eat less meat, make your own cereals from the whole grains you’re buying instead of the sugary cereals you’re eating now.

Start! by getting on the radio with the Dave Ramsey show! He says, “Live now like no one else, so in the future you can live like no one else!”

  • GET out of debt. Get your budget cranked into high gear, make do, use over, do without whatever is not important to get what’s really important.
  • GET a 2nd job—no more allowances without performance. Raise chickens for eggs and meat, grow your own garden, sprout seeds instead of buying fresh vegetables (oops, you’ll lose weight and need new clothes!), turn the TV to the wall.

Do these things, then send me a note and tell me how you’re doing. I’ll then give you some serious things to do!

I’m waiting to hear what you’ve done. Report back and we’ll go to the next level—which is more positive than this first one!

Learn to make the most of the basics! You can do this—it’s a matter of will power and determination. Your Grandmother (if a Southern Belle) would have said, “You gotta have grit, Girl!”

Doctor Prepper