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Proactive Preparedness: What you can and cannot control …

Though you cannot control disasters, you CAN control how they affect you and how you respond to them—it’s a matter of personal choice. Will you respond to a preparedness challenge with your best efforts ahead of time, or will you wait and react when it happens with fear?

Knowledge alone has limited power. Applied knowledge is true power—and wisdom! Being proactive about preparedness means changing your belief paradigms when it’s obvious they need changing: then your actions will change. For things to change, you must change yourself first! Positive actions create positive life changes. Your life then changes for the better!

My father often reminded me of my duties with this remark: “Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and anything worth doing is worth doing now, so do it right now!” Words to the wise, especially today.

The choices you make NOW about preparedness will reflect whether you choose to be a victim of circumstances you can’t control, or a survivor.

Are you willing to pay the price of NOT being prepared?