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Simply Simplifying

A wonderful article on voluntary simplicity by our newest guest contributor, Tess Pennington, who will be Doctor Prepper’s special guest Wednesday night at 8PM CDT on the Doctor Prepper show. For more information about our radio shows and to subscribe to our podcasts, visit

Keeping It Simple: Seven Steps to Healthy Eating

Let’s GET REAL: How prepared will you truly be to survive tough times if you and/or your family are in poor health? The old saying, “You are what you eat,” may be hard to swallow, but so is the excess of drugs being pushed upon us by the pharmaceutical companies as the answer to all our ills. We need to get back to basics to regain our health, and the road to recovery starts with healthy eating.

Sue Becker, a recent guest on the Doctor Prepper Show and our newest contributor, offers this simple, 7-step approach to healthy eating…

Keeping It Simple: Bulgur Wheat Basics

One of the most basic and interesting forms of whole cooked wheat is bulgur. Bulgur is probably the easiest whole-wheat food to prepare and has an unlimited number of uses…

Tuesday at 7PM CT: New series on defensive preparedness

You’ve heard of defensive driving? Now there’s defensive preparedness.

Doctor Prepper Radio launches a new weekly show tonight hosted by Ruth Sebastian, the “Renegade Lawyer.” She will be guiding listeners through the steps to self-reliance in legal matters…

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live:

Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Barbara Salsbury

If the idea of “home food storage” gives you visions of dank, dark closets or rooms crammed with bags and/or buckets of grains and beans, etc, that just sit there instead of being incorporated into everyday meals, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there IS a better way to do this! Barbara Salsbury, one of America’s premier preparedness and self-reliance experts tells you how on tonight’s show. Don’t miss it!

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live:

Is Family Preparedness Back?

More than 35 years ago I published the first edition of Making the Best of Basics — Family Preparedness Handbook. Since retiring in 1999, I have often been cajoled by many of my friends, and former distributors and retailers to return “Basics” to the marketplace. It’s not what I had planned for my future, but neither were the economic conditions this country has faced since the disastrous 9/11 event…

Friday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips will be my guest on the Doctor Prepper Show Friday night. Jim is one of America’s foremost authorities in family preparedness, personal disaster response, and winter industrial safety training. He will teach you how to be ready to meet the future without fear–so important in these fear-filled times!

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Doctor Prepper’s Weekly Prepper-Upper #13

How committed are you to prepping? Are you just “chicken in” or going “whole-hog?” In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is totally committed!