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Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Carly Hansen and David Morris

We’ve got 2 great guests for you tonight: Carly Hansen, General Manager of Pleasant Hill Grain, the tremendously successful family business located in Hampton NE; and David Morris, an information entrepreneur who has designed a unique training system for urbanites, aptly named “Survive In Place.”

Got a question for these guests? Send it in by email before the show. Here’s how…

A Great Giveaway! GOOD Things Come in Threes …

Renowned preparedness expert Barbara Salsbury is giving away three signed copies of her book, “Preparedness Principles,” as a special gift to Doctor Prepper radio show listeners and readers. But you need to act fast because the drawing is Wednesday night!

Here’s what you need to do…

Wednesday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Barbara Salsbury Returns!

Barbara Salsbury returns tonight for a special show about earthquake preparedness. Barbara has lived through the earthquakes in Northern California, and will discuss how this event changed her life and the way she prepares for disasters.

Get on the live show, and get your questions and concerns answered by one of the nation’s experts!

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The Doctor Is IN! Still focusing on food?

Keith wrote:

I checked the information on the previous edition (10th) edition of your book… what the reviews mostly say is that the main focus is on food. Does that still apply to the new edition with the new material you’ve added?

Doctor Prepper responds…

Monday at 7PM CT on Doctor Prepper Radio: Barbara Salsbury

If the idea of “home food storage” gives you visions of dank, dark closets or rooms crammed with bags and/or buckets of grains and beans, etc, that just sit there instead of being incorporated into everyday meals, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there IS a better way to do this! Barbara Salsbury, one of America’s premier preparedness and self-reliance experts tells you how on tonight’s show. Don’t miss it!

Mark your calendar and bookmark this link to listen live:

Is Family Preparedness Back?

More than 35 years ago I published the first edition of Making the Best of Basics — Family Preparedness Handbook. Since retiring in 1999, I have often been cajoled by many of my friends, and former distributors and retailers to return “Basics” to the marketplace. It’s not what I had planned for my future, but neither were the economic conditions this country has faced since the disastrous 9/11 event…

Doctor Prepper’s Preparedness Yellow Pages Just Got an Extreme Makeover!

While the “Doc” was out making house calls this week, his assistants (seen and unseen) got busy and gave his Preparedness Yellow Pages an extreme makeover! We’ve got some fantastic preparedness resources to share and we’re adding to the list daily. Check ’em out!

The Doctor is IN! To treat, or not to treat?

To treat, or not to treat: that is the question…

“I recently had new gutters placed around my house to handle the rain water. I purchased four 80-gallon water barrels and diverters so I can have water available for drinking or watering the garden. I have a Berkey unit which has a 7 log filter. Will I need to treat the water with Clorox before filtering it through the Berkey?”

Doctor Prepper answers: “If you have the resources available, always…”

The Doctor (Prepper) is IN!

Got a question, a really hard question, about preparedness? We’re pleased to announce that the Doctor is IN — and ready to take all comers. No insurance necessary!

Is Your Family Prepared?

Is your family’s preparedness plan in place? We’ve already seen a most unusual winter in the mid-central and northeastern US. and two major earthquakes within the last month. There will likely be many additional emergencies and disasters during months to come. Are you ready should one of these come into your life? Take this 30-second test to find out!

Are You Being Reasonable about Your Preparedness Efforts?

A preparedness lifestyle begins with a reasonable investment in an expanded, normal diet food supply—not a 3-day kit! It is more important to be prepared for the long trip than the short excursion. The reason…

All-New Edition of “Basics” Released to Public

An all-new and updated version of the all-time best-selling preparedness classic Making the Best of Basics has just been released to the public. Written for people who want to prepare themselves and their families for the uncertain future, the book has been re-published to meet the needs of 21st century preppers after…