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The Doctor is IN! Hydroponic Tonic

Linda wrote:

I am a regular listener and love your show! We’ve been working to prepare for years.

I have a question. We listened to your podcast on the hydroponic gardening and would love to have an updated show. One question that never came up that I recall was about the uses of fertilizer and what you use. We just finished a greenhouse and want to use their system in our greenhouse. My hubbie is pretty handy and can build it with local materials but I would love to know more about the growing medium and fertilizer.

Doctor Prepper responds:

Thank you for listening to the show! So many people have asked for information. The fertilizer is one of the secrets––if I tell you my partners kill me! The medium for growing is totally top secret—you’ll never get that from me!

Seriously, it’s pretty simple. For the fertilizer, call Jim Kennard at the Food for Everyone Foundation. The toll-free number is (888)548-4449. He is the successor to the Mittleider gardening techniques—the absolute best growing system I think ever devised by mortal man! The web site is Ask for the Mittleider Magic™ Micro Mix.. This is a packet of all-natural Essential Mineral Nutrients, and costs about $11.00 and makes up approximately 30 lbs. of fertilizer for your hydroponic system. That’s what we use!

As for the growing medium, we use a product called Zeolite, and that you can get from Dennis Clements, (830) 688-1952. He’ll tell you what and perhaps where to get it. Zeolite is more expensive than the fertilizer—but it is the key to fantastic results. Dennis will explain it all to you––no extra charge!

Was that easy, or what? I hope you will send me some photos of your system and layout.

Thanks, and best of great crops!
Doctor Prepper