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The Doctor is IN! Too Old to Prepare-or Care?

Laura wrote:

I have been prepping off and on since before y2k. So have some of my friends . Most of us are retired. In the last few years, several preppers have died, leaving lots of stuff for family and wives to go thru..Most the stuff was thrown out, donated to food banks, etc. The wives sold off the silver and paid bills, etc. It makes anyone wonder if it’s all worth it other than to keep extra food, candles, etc on hand for a hurricane, power outage. I heard you on A.C. Griffith last week. Some folks I know stopped prepping and gave it up since nothing happened after predictions several years ago. Not to mention all the clutter laying around. Many spouses won’t go along with prepping anyway. Younger ones think it’s unnecessary.

Doctor Prepper responds:

Whoa! This is a tough one! First of all, if you’re retired and your friends are dying, you’re my age!

Second, it seems the preps were donated to good causes. A. C. Griffith has a way of making people sit up and smell the coffee! Though I try to avoid talking about political issues, conspiracy theories, gloom and doom, religion, or what sometimes is outright bull, I sometimes just want to reach out through the monitor to listeners and smack ’em until they get it!

OK, not quite that physical, but some reasonable people get it, and some don’t!

AS we get older, we recognize more fully that there are some situations through which we’d prefer not to continue living–for me that would be a nuclear attack. Since I live in a military community (San Antonio TX), I’ve determined not to build a bunker underground–I’ll just take the hit! I know I’m not in charge, so will leave that detail to the Man that is…

We all hope nothing will happen beyond our personal experience or control. Actually, for most of us, that is reality–nothing significant happens to the majority of folks in this country. On the other hand, I’m not in control, so can’t guarantee that nothing will ever happen.

I have home, auto, life, contents (furnishings) fire, health and some other insurance policies–and I truly hope I never need to collect on any of them. (Especially the life insurance part!) Actually, insurance is a way of lessening the effect of TEOTWAWKI! The end of the world as we know it happens all around us everyday, and often to us in some fashion! We just don’t call it by its name, but in reality our lives are changed forever as a result of an incident.

Let me also suggest I see no need to prepare for the end of the world itself–when I am assured it’s really going to happen–but again, since I’m not in charge, I’d rather take my chances on living and being prepared to maintain my lifestyle as normally as possible–regardless of what’s happening all around me!

I can live with the clutter–even having the opportunity to share with others. What I don’t want to do is be reduced to the status of a beggar! I would starve to death by refusing to swallow my pride long before I would die of not having food to swallow!

If I die with lots of preps unused, I have a wife (hopefully), 6 children, and 15 grandchildren who would queue up for some of the stuff I might leave behind.

Nothing may happen that would make me live totally on my storage–but if it does, I will be able to deal with it as if it were a mild inconvenience, not a major cataclysm!

Hope that gives you a different perspective.

Doctor Prepper