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Today’s question comes from a lady who wonders why Doctor Prepper said, “When asked where someone should send a check to support clean drinking water or any charitable purpose, I’m never sure where to send them.”

Hi Mr. Stevens,
Just re-subscribed. Thank you for your thoughts and for working to get other families to prepare. I am aware that on your website you say, “no doom, no gloom, no politics, no religion, no bull”. And as I read through your email and heard you wonder where to donate money, I couldn’t help but want to mention the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No religion! I know, I know, but the LDS church does not have ANY paid clergy or workers. Ever. All work done and any humanitarian efforts are supplied by volunteers. Always! So, if you donate $50.00 to the Humanitarian Fund, all $50.00 goes to Humanitarian Aid. You can even specify how you would like it spent…such as for clean drinking water or a specific country or disaster.

I’m not sure you’d be willing to voice support for this organization, being as how it’s a church. I know that makes it touchy, but if you are HONESTLY looking for a properly run organization, I ask you to at least give them an investigation…

Doctor Prepper responds:

Thanks for your note.

Religion is always a touchy issue–I don’t want my show to be about religion, politics, gloom or doom, or my issues.

I am well aware of LDS doctrine and practices. I have no issue with any of them–the general public does, so I take that card out of the game! I also take guns and revolt out of the discussions…

I am the #1 all-time best-selling author on preparedness because I avoid the religious issues, and base my teaching on the universal need to live the preparedness lifestyle–which is what the LDS Church teaches on its web page to which you referred me. There the emphasis is on self-reliance, which is iterated clearly in my latest edition. That, by the way, is a clear departure from the previous emphasis on food storage–thank heaven for that.

I hope you’re not totally offended for the way I’ve chosen to do things…You have your commitments, and I have mine–I’m executing them as I have been inspired and directed to get the message out to the most people who will listen. I’m a teacher a la Stephen Covey–teach correct principles without flogging with the religious cat-o’-nine-tails! Remember the statement about teaching correct principles and people will follow them…

Are we OK with this?

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