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The Shepherd School – May 20,2013–may-142013.mp3

Rabbits are a prepper meat source that should not be overlooked, they are simple to raise, have a high meat to feed ratio, and are a very healthy white meat. As an “urban homesteader”, David has kept rabbits in backyard hutches for several years, and is very thankful for the meat his rabbits provide. His rabbit videos on his YouTube channel, are some of his most popular videos, with the video on how to bottle feed baby rabbits being extremely popular with animal activists, and his butchering and dispatching videos drawing their extreme ire. If you are looking for a cheap, sustainable, and possibly covert means of producing your own meat in small areas, then you should consider rabbit. Besides this podcast, here are links to a few of Davids rabbit videos on YouTube. Bottle Feeding Baby Rabbits Neck Wringer Butchering Rabbit Manure Methane Experiment

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The Shepherd School – May 20,2013