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What Time Is It?

This guest post is by John Wesley Smith of He also hosts DestinySurvival Radio on the Preparedness Radio Network.

A couple mornings ago, as my daughter left the house, she said she’d be back around 11:45. I replied, “How about being back by a quarter till twelve.”

She said that would work, too.

In turn, I said it all depends on which side you’re looking at the clock. She laughed.

Of course, to understand my attempt at humor, you have to envision a clock with hands. Fewer of us have those any more. Everything has a digital readout. Eleven forty-five is simply 11:45.

At a fellowship after church the other night, I noticed my wife was wearing a wristwatch. I wear one all the time. But how old fashioned! So many tell time by their cell phones today.

This is one small example of how dependent on technology we’ve become. Maybe someone from a few centuries ago would have said watches were modern technology compared to the humble sundial.

Incidentally, in case you’re curious, the science of sundials is rather complex. That is, if you’re going to have one that’s accurate.

But my overall point is simply this. Our dependence on technology for something as commonplace as telling time is a symptom of our dependence on so many devices today.

This is one reason Doctor Prepper wrote Making the Best of Basics Times may change, but the basics don’t. We’re far removed from generations past. Their skill level depended far more on their own resourcefulness.

They were closer to the land and the rhythms of nature. They were more closely connected with the things that made everyday life what it was, including the food they ate.

You may be aware that Doctor Prepper’s book is available in digital form. There’s nothing wrong with having it in that format. Get a copy to read on your computer and ride the technology horse as long as you can.

But don’t forget about the print edition. Should technology fail one day, it will still be there for you when you need it.

If I said now’s the time to get your copy of Making the Best of Basics, would you look at your wristwatch or cell phone?